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Unlike previous generations, Christians today are blessed with a wealth of resources—and I’m not only talking about the amount of teachers around today. Living in a post-Guttenberg era we have the benefits of years of print and now years of digital information. This all means that we have access to information if not within 20 minutes (a local library) then right at our fingertips. Of course, this might all come with its own problems, but at the very least no believer living in the New World should be able to say “I just don’t have access to the right tools” when it comes to being trained in the faith.

So here’s only a fraction of the great resources and where you might find them:


Inter-Library Loan. Our Library System in the States is interconnected and (usually) free and they have the ability to borrow books from other libraries and allow you to read from 2 weeks to a month and a half. If it’s in print and older than 6 months you will be able to find it in here. Check with your local public librarian.

University Libraries. Usually colleges in your neighborhood have a library that is accessible to the public if you have the right identification. That ID might cost you a small fee but it’s worth it for the periodicals and books that they might have available.

Amazon Marketplace. You don’t necessarily need the newest editions of books and commentaries—search the used books in Amazon and get them for a steal.


Dropbox. Perfect for syncing files across multiple computers but just as perfect for carrying electronic resources on the go. Seriously, this is a must.

Logos. Probably the best Bible Library software available but it comes at a hefty price. I personally think it’s worth it since it lets you deal with the text in Greek and read up on what others have said. Also, if you picked up Logos 4 for Mac or PC, you’ll have access to the full functionality of this free app: tons of resources on the Go.


Open Office. If you don’t want to shell out the dollars for Microsoft Word, you have the ability to download a word processor with all of MSWord’s power and none of the price tag since it’s free.

E-Sword. Well-established Bible software with a bunch of extra modules (which are additions to the program like commentaries, multiple Bibles, and even scripts that convert your notes to Microsoft Word). Note that although most of the modules are free (like Keil and Delitzsch’s awesome commentary of the Old Testament) there are things in here that come at a cost. (Xiphos is also good)


Accordance. Great software that also has Mobile integration for on the go study and note viewing—just realize it comes at a cost.


YouVersion. A mess of Bible Versions which even allows you to add your own notes. Careful though: you’ll need a data plan or wi-fi to fully access it.

Olive Tree. Bunch of Bible Versions and you can even purchase premium Bibles and books.

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