God’s Good News: Lesson 1 Part 2

The Gospel is God’s power to save those who believe in Christ (Romans 1:16-18)

Paul was ready to preach the gospel, because he knew everyone needed it. He also knew how great a message it was! It is good news that tells people how God is able to save them. If you were in great danger, you sure would want to know that someone could rescue you! How awesome that God is the Person that wants to rescue you!

Who can be saved? Everyone who believes. How can I be saved? By faith. I need to believe God’s message and believe in God’s Son. We will talk about that more.

How does God save people? By giving them righteousness. This means that by the gospel, a person can be perfect in God’s eyes. By His gospel, God can look at you and say there is nothing wrong with you! But why do I need God to give me righteousness? Do I need to be rescued? What is the danger? The danger we all face is God’s wrath! How horrible!

But why should God have deep anger towards people? Why such fury? It is because of how they live. People do not honor God. God created them, but men live like God is nothing. They are “ungodly.” Also, men do not do right things. Their thoughts, words and actions are evil. People do wrong things. Men are “unrighteous.”

Do men realize they are doing wrong things? Yes! They have the truth about God. They know God will judge them for doing evil things. But they do wrong anyway!

But maybe someone thinks they have an excuse for the things they do. Maybe you do not think God should judge you. Maybe you are not afraid of being punished by God. You may not think you are a bad person. But how does God see you?

Continued in Lesson 2 Part 1

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