God’s Good News: Lesson 2 Part 1



Immoral people know God and will be judged for their evil lives (Romans 1:18-32)

Some people might want to say they do not know there is a God. But God has showed everyone that He is the powerful One who is greater than them. Everyone can look at the order and greatness of what God made. There is no possible way the universe just happened. They know there must be a mighty Creator!

The real problem is that people know there is a God, but they do not want to give God glory. They want to be their own boss. They do not want to have to listen to their Creator. They ignore God.

So, men have made “god” into something they make with their own hands. God is awesome, but men changed Him into someone little! They imagine a “god” that is not true.

They have the truth about God being above them, but they do not honor Him as God. They do not thank Him. They do not want God or His rules. They do not want God to tell them what to do or not to do! So, God lets them live evil lives. And the things they do become more and more evil.

Do they know God sees what they are doing? Do they know God will judge them? Do they know God will punish their unrighteous deeds? Yes! But they do wrong anyway!

So, “immoral” people know God, and they know that God expects men to do right. They have the truth that there is a God through seeing His creation, but they do not obey what they know. This person is in great danger of God’s judgment! His evil actions will be punished! When God judges him, he will not have any excuse!

Continued in Lesson 2 Part 2

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