God’s Good News: Lesson 2 Part 2

Moral people live better lives, but are they right with God? (Romans 2:1-16)

Do you agree with me about the immoral person? Maybe you agree that they deserve to be judged by God. Well, you are in danger of judgment from God also! You might think you are OK because you do not do such evil things. Compared to an immoral person, you are a good, moral person. So does that make you righteous?

Does God judge by comparing who is better? No! He would not be a righteous judge if He did that! You know His judgment is based on the truth. He looks at you and sees everything about you. Other people do not see what you think, but God does. Other people do not know what you do in secret, but God does!

Have you ever had an evil thought? Have you ever wanted to do something mean to someone? Have you ever done something wrong when no one was around? Have you ever felt bad for what you said or did?

God sees past what you seem to be. He judges what you really are! Are you perfect? If your life was only, always doing good, then God could give you eternal life. But inside you have a conscience – it makes you feel bad for doing wrong things. Do you really always do what is perfect? God knows you do not.

So, you may be a “moral” person. You know that God expects you to live right and do good. You have the truth, and you think about right and wrong with your conscience. But God looks at all of your life. He even sees in secret. Only a perfect life can avoid righteous punishment.

You know you do not have a perfect life. So you are in great danger of judgment from God too! God must give wrath to those who are unrighteous, and you do not have an excuse!

Continued in Lesson 3 Part 1

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