God’s Good News: Lesson 3 Part 1



Religious people have God’s word, so are they in danger? (Romans 2:17-3:8)

Perhaps you are not concerned about the wrath of God. You agree that the immoral and even the moral person are in danger of judgment. But you have a higher claim. You are religious.

You think of yourself as having a connection to God. You do religious things. You have ceremonies that you follow. You may have rules that God gave. Maybe you say that you are “Jewish” or a “Christian.” Or perhaps you have some other name that connects you with God. You think that surely God is pleased with you. But is He?

If you have done wrong things, should they be punished? Does God ignore the evil things you did? Will He say you are OK because you call yourself by a religious name? Does God think you are righteous because you do a ritual like go to church every Sunday or get baptized?

Imagine your family was robbed, but the person that robbed you always went to church meetings. Should that person still be punished? Yes! It would be wrong for the judge to ignore the evil deed!

So you might be part of a religious group, but that is not how you can be right with God! You might have rules to follow, but do you always do what is right? God looks at how you really live! You can not hide behind a religious code or a religious ceremony or a religious name.

Does that mean the people who received God’s word are not special? No, they are special! What a privilege they have! But if they received God’s word, they are expected to obey it! They are stewards. God gave them something to care for. So they have to be faithful in caring for God’s word. They have to do what God said! If they do not, they deserve to be punished.

So, you may be a “religious” person, with a religious name and rituals and rules. You have the truth about what God expects through religious codes. But it is not enough to know what is right! God expects you to DO right! To avoid punishment, you have to truly live out a perfect life. So you are in great danger of God’s judgment too! God must give wrath to the unrighteous, and you have no excuse!

Continued in Lesson 3 Part 2

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