God’s Good News: Lesson 3 Part 2

So all people deserve to be judged by God (Romans 3:9-20)

How terrible! No one can escape! Everyone is under sin. The immoral know God and ignore Him. The moral know right and wrong, but do wrong. The religious know law, but still disobey.

Our lives show our sins, and God’s word says we are sinful. God looks at the people in the world and says “there is not a righteous man, not even one!” He sees all have gone out of the way of doing right. “There is not one that practices goodness, there is not so much as one!”

Is that really how God sees the people of this world? Yes. All of them. Not one of them is good. They do not honor God like they should. They do not obey the truth that they know. They do not live right.

In fact, when God said these things, he was talking about people who had His rules in the law – religious people! Not one person can avoid the judgment for their evil actions! We are all guilty, so we are all in danger! We all need God’s gospel!

God is righteous, so He requires us to be righteous. But no one has lived righteous. So all are under the wrath of God. No one can do anything to try to justify themselves. Doing works of law will not work. The law has rules from God, but all it does is show men that they miss the mark. All are sinners!

Continued in Lesson 4 Part 1

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