God’s Good News: Lesson 4 Part 1



So we all need the righteousness that God has provided by faith! (Romans 3:21-31)

Here is good news to a guilty person in danger of judgment! God made a way to save us! If I am convicted of my sins, then I will want God’s salvation! What good news that I can be right before God based on believing, rather than based on what I do! God has made known a way for men to avoid judgment for their sins. God can call us righteous!

This righteousness is not by us trying to do something. That would not work, because all have fallen short of God’s perfect standard. We have “sinned” – we “missed the mark” of God’s perfect standard. Once I do one thing wrong, I am unrighteous. Even if all the other things I did were perfect, they would not fix the one thing I did wrong. There is no “extra-credit” righteousness.

This gospel is for everyone, because all people need it and because it is based on faith! Christ died on the cross for everyone’s sins. He was perfect, but he took the judgment we deserved. So now anyone can be declared righteous (justified) by God if they will just trust in Christ. God is satisfied with Christ’s blood.

God offers you a righteous position before Him. It is free. There is no way you could pay for it. Christ paid it all as a Redeemer. You just need to admit you are unrighteous, and tell God you believe that Christ died for your sins. Do you believe you needed Christ to die for you?

God’s gospel offers salvation through Christ’s blood. It shows that God is righteous. God would be wrong if He knew you did wrong but ignored it. But He has not ignored our sins. God gave the right penalty for sins: death. Yet God provided a substitute, so we do not have to take the penalty. Christ died for our sins! So we see God is still righteous. He can be just and still justify one who believes in Jesus!

Christ is a “mercyseat.” Before Jesus, God had told the Jews to build a place so He could dwell among them. He would meet with them in the “holy of holies” above the “mercyseat.” This was a cover over a box that had the ten commandments inside. These tell us about the righteousness that God expects. No one has kept these rules, so God could not meet with unrighteous men there! But on the mercyseat, they put blood of a substitute animal. This was a picture of what Christ would do. He gave up his blood as a perfect sacrifice. This way God can be righteous, but not have to punish us for our unrighteousness. Have you told God you need Christ’s blood?

Being justified is only by faith. It is not by works of law. No one can earn righteousness. So no one can boast. Anyone who is in heaven will only be there because they believed that Christ died for them. Have you trusted Christ as your Savior from sins’ penalty?

Continued in Lesson 4 Part 2

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