God’s Good News: Lesson 4 Part 2

But do the rest of the Scriptures teach righteousness by faith? Yes! (Romans 4:1-25)

Was Abraham justified by faith? Did God declare him to be righteous based on faith? If Abraham was justified by his works, he could boast to God about what he did. But no one will boast before God! But the Scriptures plainly say that “Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness.” Righteousness was charged to his account.

So Abraham did not get a righteous position by works, but by faith. If it was by works, God owed him something. But it was by faith, so it was based on grace – God giving him something he did not deserve. Though he was ungodly, God counted him righteous because he believed. David says the same thing when he writes about God not putting his sins on his account.

And remember when Abraham was called righteous! He had not yet been given the religious symbol of circumcision. So his righteousness was not through a religious ritual. He was declared righteous simply by faith. We too can be righteous before God by faith alone!

Abraham believed God could do what Abraham could not do. He believed that God would be faithful to His promise. So his faith gave glory to God, because he was saying that God could be trusted.

When we believe in Christ, we are also saying God can be trusted. Like Abraham we believe God can do what we can not do. We believe God is faithful to His promise to save those who believe in Jesus. And God raised Jesus from the dead as a seal that He is satisfied with what Christ did! Our salvation is sure!

Continued in Lesson 5 Part 1

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