God’s Good News: Lesson 6 Part 1



God’s Gospel Continued: The two races of men – Adam and Christ (Romans 5:12-21)

We have learned that we can be right before God forever. If I trust in Christ who died for my sins, I will not be judged for my sins. This is the first thing God teaches us in Romans (chapters 1 to 5).

But God also wants us to live right, so He also made a way for this in Christ. We can walk right while we are here on earth, if we reckon that we died and rose with Christ, and let Him live His life in our body. This is the second thing that God teaches us in Romans. We want to learn some more about this second part of God’s gospel that He teaches us in Romans 5 to 8. We will learn God’s solution to our internal problem, that is, the deep problem we have inside us.

For us to walk right, the key is to understand that there are two men with two races that came from them. The two men with their two races are Adam and Christ. All men are born into Adam’s race. Sin rules in Adam. We can see that sin rules Adam’s race if we think about the fact that everybody dies.

Sin began to rule when Adam sinned. By his one act of sin, his whole race came under sin’s rule. This is similar in Christ, who is the second Man. Christ did one act and it affected everyone in His race. But the difference is that Christ’s act was a righteous act, and so His race is a righteous race.

Because sin rules Adam’s race, all die. The law was added to Adam’s race to show that sin had control. Grace rules Christ’s race through righteousness, so all who have received Christ have eternal life in Him. Grace has super-abounded over sin!

Continued in Lesson 6 Part 2

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