God’s Good News: Lesson 6 Part 2

The Problem Solved: Dead to sin and alive to God with Christ (Romans 6:1-14)

Because we have Adam’s life, sin rules over us. The old us could not live right. So, what God did was to start a whole new race in Christ! He gave up on the old us. In fact, He saw to it that the old us was put to death! Our “old man” died with Christ. That was our life as born in Adam’s race.

Christ died as a man. Christ represented all of us when He died. When He died, we died. Now He has risen again to a whole new kind of life. We rose with Him to that new life also. This way we have a whole new life living in our body! We are mp longer in Adam. We are in Christ.

So if we are going to walk right, we have to walk in this newness of life. When we are baptized by going down under and up out of the water, we see this picture of our dying and rising to new life with Christ.

Notice that we are talking about sin not sins. Sins are the things we have done wrong. Sin is the source of these sins. Sin is like the root of the tree; and sins are the fruit. Sin ruled us in Adam. But we died with Christ, so sin is not in charge of us any more. So if sin tries to tell us what to do, we now can say, “No.” Instead of giving our hands and feet and mouth to sin, we should give them to God to use. This is how the new life is lived – by telling God he can use our body now.

To live this life, I need to do three things. First, know that I died and rose with Christ. Second, reckon that this is true. This means that I think in my head and heart that I really did die and rise with Christ to a new life! Third, yield (present) my body and its members to God, not sin. This means I turn the reigns of my body over to God to do what He wants. My hands can do wrong if sin controls them (like hit or steal or break), or they can do right if God controls them (like help or give or build).

So sin is not our king anymore, because the person that used to live under sin’s rule is dead now. If we tried to live under law, sin would rule us. But we are not living under law any more. We need to learn some more about this idea of not living under law. But, in our next lesson we will first need to answer a BIG question about living under grace!

Continued in Lesson 7 Part 1

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