God’s Good News: Lesson 7 Part 1

Read Romans 6:15-7:6 in your Bible

If we do not live under Law… should we sin then? (Romans 6:15-23)

We are not living under law? Do you mean I should just go out and sin? If I am not scared of getting in trouble because of breaking a rule, then I guess I should just commit sins! Right?

NO! Why would you want to serve sin? If you commit sins, you are letting sin rule you. If you choose to sin, you are choosing sin as a master. Why would you want to go back and make sin your master? When you came to Christ to be saved from your sins, you said that sin was a terrible master! You listened to what God said about sins, and agreed that sin is evil.

You should still think the same way about how terrible a master sin is! Now that you know God, you are ashamed of what you did when you served sin. And think of the wages that sin gives to its servants: death!

How much better to serve God! You can produce fruit that is good and right. What a great blessing to see holy things in our lives! How beautiful to have a live that shows love and clean words and kind actions in a holy way. That pleases God! And think of what a great Master God is – He has given you eternal life as a free gift! What a blessing to be able to serve Him! Surely you will want to yield the members of your body to God for Him to use!

Continued in Lesson 7 Part 2

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