God’s Good News: Lesson 8 Part 1

Read in your Bible: Romans 7:7-25

If we need to be free from the Law… is it because the Law is sin? (Romans 7:7-12)

If I can not bear good fruit by the law, does that mean the law is sin? No way! The truth is that the law shows me that I have sin in me. It is like a light that reveals sin so I can see it.

For example, I did not realize how I had sin in me until the law told me not to lust (want things for myself). But the command not to lust made me lust! Where did that come from? It came from sin inside of me. Sin uses the commands of the law to make me want to do wrong things.

So the law is holy, and it shows me I have a problem inside.

Before the commands of the law came to me, I thought I was fine. But then the commands came, and I felt like I lost control of myself, because sin took over! It was like I died. The members of my body did not respond to me. Instead they did what sin wanted. But that raises another question…

Continued in Lesson 8 Part 2

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