God’s Good News: Lesson 8 Part 2

Did the law (which is good) cause death to me? (Romans 7:13-25)

Should I blame the law for making me unable to control the members of my body? No way! SIN is to blame! Sin used the law as a way to show itself. Sin was inside me all the time. But when sin heard the law command me not to want things for myself, sin jumped into action and made me want things!

So the real problem is that sin rules my flesh. My flesh is my nature I have from Adam. It is my natural life from when I was born. But I have found that it is no good! Sin rules it!

With my mind I would like to do what God wants; but when my mind tries to tell the members of my body to do good, I end up doing evil. Why? Because there is something else ruling my members. It is sin within me. My mind tells my flesh to do good, but my flesh does not listen. Why? Because it is ruled by sin. So I have realized that my flesh is sinful!

This makes me feel like I am trapped like a captive in a dead body! My body does not do what my mind wants. My members do not respond to me… as if they are dead. This law of death is a terrible thing!

And I can not do anything about it! Help!! Someone save me! Someone get me out of this body that I can not control! Who will deliver me?

God! Thanks be to God! He has made a way to set me free. He did so through Jesus Christ when I died and rose with Him (like we learned in chapter 6). Now that I have learned more about the law and the flesh, I am convicted that I have sin in me. I realize how bad a problem I have! If I am convicted of sin in my flesh, then I will want God’s deliverance in Christ.

We’ll learn some more about this next, but first let me review how things go when I try to do good through my natural life in Adam. In my mind, I want to obey God’s law (what God wants). But my mind is not able to do good in my body. Why? Because the flesh is under the control of sin’s law. So my flesh does not do the good that I want, but instead does what sin wants.

Continued in Lesson 9 Part 1.

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