God’s Good News: Lesson 10 Part 1

Read Romans 8:15-39

We are sons of God, so we can look forward to having perfect bodies (Romans 8:15-25)

If you try to live by the law, you are going back to bondage. It is like slavery where you are afraid of failing.

But God has given you a spirit of sonship, not bondage. You can know God and know what He thinks. This is how a Christian should live. He should talk with God as his Father. He should pray. He should give his body to God to use. This is not a life of slavery, but a life of freedom and closeness to God!

That closeness is just what God the Father wants! He has made us to be heirs. He wants us to share how great He is! We are now “in Christ”, so we belong where Christ is… in heaven! We will inherit (receive) all the great things God has given to Christ. What a blessing to be “in Christ”!

But what about these bodies? Many times our bodies have pain, and we can not do many normal things because of sickness or weakness. These bodies are from Adam. But we now are part of Christ’s race. So, we soon will receive bodies like Christ’s body.

What kind of body does Christ have? Does He get sick? Does He have pain in His body? No! He has a body of “glory” – a body that is perfect.

When we receive our body of glory, then everyone will see that we really are the sons of God. Right now, we sure do not look like sons of God! But then, our bodies will match the real us, the person we are in Christ! Then, we will be free from the pain and sorrow we have in our corrupt bodies! What a wonderful hope!

Continued in Lesson 10 Part 2

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