God’s Good News: Lesson 10 Part 2

As we wait, we can talk to God in prayer and trust that He loves us (Romans 8:26-39)

The Spirit in us makes us long for the day when we will have perfect bodies! But right now, we still have troubles! So the Spirit helps us talk to God about these troubles. How good to always talk with God!

We may not know what to ask for. But we do know that God loves us. He loved us before we loved Him. At one time we did not love Him at all, but He set His love on us.

God plans that we will be like His Son. The Father wants the Lord Jesus to be at the Center with thousands of us around Him! So, that is why God called us. First He loved us and planned for us to be with Christ. Then He called. We can be sure He will also bring us to be with His Son in glory!

How awesome! God is for us! He desires us. How much? No limit. He would not even hold back His own Son from death! God gave up His Own Son to die, so that we could be His! What great love!

So, if God is for us, who could be against us? Could anyone stop us from being forever with the Lord? No! Someone would have to stop God, because He wanted us with Himself. Could anyone say God did not work everything out? Christ is the One that died and rose for us. Could anyone say that Christ is not good enough?

Who could stop God’s love to us? No one! We may have many problems, but nothing can stand between God and us. God has made up His mind that He wants us with Him forever. Can anyone stop His plans? No one! So our hearts can be at peace knowing that God loves us. This trust and peace does not come from what we see. It is from what we know. We know God loves us, so we can have peace in any bad problem! May the Lord help all of us rejoice saying “I am the Lord’s!”

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