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Stewardship Weekly Podcast

Stewardship Weekly is a regular podcast hosted by Glen Steinson that focuses on the important and relevant topic of biblical finance.

Scripture has much to say about our money and possessions, yet many Christians struggle with their personal finances. There seems to be a disconnect between what the Bible teaches and how many Christians are living their lives. This is unfortunate. Glen’s passion is to bridge the gap by communicating God’s truth on this important topic in a fun and encouraging manner.

What is podcasting you ask? In brief, podcasting is an extremely flexible audio medium that can easily be adapted to fit almost anyone’s lifestyle. No time to sit at your computer and listen to a 45 minute podcast? No problem. You can download the audio file to an iPod or any mp3 player and listen while you’re on the go. You can also subscribe via iTunes or RSS Feed. Glen’s site provides more information on how to go about doing this here.

Glen and Scott

Glen and Scott

To date twenty-two episodes have been posted covering a wide range of topics, including: common money mistakes (Episode 20), the art of encouragement (Episode 8), and managing our time and talents (Episode 18).

Many of the podcasts feature interviews with other Christians who share Glen’s interest in biblical financial principles. I personally had the privilege of being interviewed in Episode 12 – “Don’t Disinherit The Lord In Your Will”.

The site also offers other helpful resources, so happy exploring!


  1. Brother Scott,

    Although we’ve known each other for a mere 6 months at this point, you have been a huge encouragement to me and I sincerely appreciate our new friendship. Thanks for your review of Stewardship Weekly and the spotlight you have shone on the podcast for your readers. I trust that they find my content to be inspiring and motivational – up to par with your endorsement!

    Things are looking great for the upcoming WhyWeWeb Conference. I’ve been on the site to view the videos, list of speakers and itinerary. Very exciting. I think you and the others have hit a home run with this one! My guess is that the conferences will gain momentum quickly and attendance will swell each year (if the Lord doesn’t return within this decade of course).

    Keep up the good work! Take care friend.

    In Christ,

    • Glen:

      Thanks again for your wonderful site. You are addressing a very important topic for believers and non-believers alike. Many today are drowning in debt– praise the Lord that He has not left us without His guidance! Your efforts to stand in the gap by proclaiming His financial principles is, and will continue to be, a real blessing for many.

      Thanks also for your positive comments regarding the upcoming Why We Web Conference…. we are praying about a second conference in 2013 to take place closer to you in Ontario, Canada. We’ll keep ya posted!

      Take care brother.