Introduction: God Teaches Us His Gospel’s Effect

This is the first installment of a new series of posts prepared to help us better understand the effect of God’s good news as taught in Romans chapters 9 through 16.

There are 20 lesson units plus a final review unit… our plan is to post a new unit every Tuesday and Thursday. Occasionally helpful illustrations will also be posted to further aid us in our understanding of the effect of God’s gospel or “good news”.

You should first study how God teaches His Gospel in Romans 1 through 8. Digital Sojourner previously posted a series of lessons covering Romans 1-8. You can read those lessons online beginning here or download all of the lessons in PDF ebook format here.

Visit Digital Sojourner every Tuesday and Thursday for each new installment. You may also subscribe to Digital Sojourner’s RSS feed here.

At the conclusion of the series all of the lesson material, plus review questions for each lesson and additional bonus material, will be made available as a single PDF file for you to download.


Continued in His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 1


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