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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 1

Scripture: Romans 1:16-18, Romans 3:19-26, Romans 5:1, Romans 6:1-14, Romans 7:5-6, Romans 7:18-8:4, Romans 8:31-39

In love God gave us the letter to the Romans in His Word. In this letter God teaches us His gospel and then teaches us how this gospel should affect our lives. Let’s review what God taught in chapters 1 to 8.

God’s gospel is His message of good news to man. God tells us what He thinks, and tells us what we need to hear. God shows us in Romans that all of us are unrighteous. All people have sinned. Not one is perfect. So all are under God’s judgment because God is a righteous judge. So no one will be called righteous by God by works.

But God has made it possible for anyone to be righteous by faith in what Jesus Christ did. Christ died for our sins. God is satisfied with the Lord Jesus’ blood. If I believe that I have sins and put my trust on Christ as my Savior, God will declare me to be righteous.

Have you ever realized you deserve to be judged by God and cast away from Him into the lake of fire forever? You need to see this is true. God told us so.

God also told us we can know we will be in heaven forever if we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ! That is good news! Christ was perfect, but He took all the judgment on Himself when He died on the cross. By faith in what Christ did, we have peace between us and God.

God also teaches us that we have another problem. The first problem was a legal problem with our sins. The second problem is an internal problem with sin. The nature we got from Adam (the first man) is no good! This nature is called the flesh. Sin came into the world by Adam’s sin, and sin now has control of the flesh in every person.

But God has made it possible for anyone to live a righteous life. It is by not trying to live by the flesh’s power. I need to consider myself dead, and now let Christ live in me. By the Spirit of Christ in me, my body has a new energy source. I do not look to the flesh any longer.

Have you ever realized there is nothing good in your flesh? God knows it is true. He condemned it as no good when Christ died. God’s good news is that when Christ died, all believers in Christ died. And when Christ rose again to new life, all believers rose again to newness of life.

So I need to be done with myself. I am crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. By letting Christ live in me, I can have peace in my walk, because I can actually do what pleases God!


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