Jottings – The Value of Knowing Christ


On Philippians 3:7-10:


There is a powerful statement of divine grace in these verses. What Paul was and did was nothing. What Christ had done was everything. Nor was it just the Jewish background he counted loss. Paul gave his statement universal validity with the word ‘everything.’ Absolutely nothing could transcend for him the value of knowing Christ.

Anthony L. Ash,The College Press NIV Commentary: Philippians, College Press Publ., 1994, electronic ed., pdf., p. 45.


  1. Uel Crothers

    thoroughly Keyseresque and well put

    • Yes, very Keyseresque indeed. In fact it was Keith who submitted the Jottings. By the way brother, if you ever come across something in your studies that you believe would make for a good jottings please feel free to submit it. I would love to post it.