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Top 10 Posts of 2011

Wow! What a year 2011 has been. On October 1st Digital Sojourner officially launched. Since then the Lord has blessed this endeavor beyond measure and in ways that I never expected. The Lord has provided a whole team of contributors and guest bloggers. Amazing! Traffic to the site is strong, and DigSoj’s search engine rankings continue to improve. Fantastic! And perhaps the most exciting development was our teaming up with our new friends at mySonlight and starting to plan the Why We Web Conference 2012. Praise the Lord!

What were the most popular posts of 2011? This is not an easy question to answer, as there are many different metrics to consider. There are page views, click throughs, and post comments. And, is it fair to compare the number of views from a post that went up yesterday with a post that went up 85 days ago? Despite these challenges here are the Top Posts of 2011!

10. Forsake Not Stirring Up One Another

9. God’s Good news: Lesson 6, Part 2

8. Protecting Our Eyes Online

7. The Hunt For The Perfect Bible: The Lay Of The Land

6. On Field Prayer Saturday’s Penn State Nebraska Game

5. SPAM (Some Parts Are Me)

4. Podcast: Interview With Dwight Beavers of Voices For Christ

3. 3 Online Bibles For Serious Study

2. A Legacy Of Thanksgiving

1. Good News In A Floating Bottle

Thank you for your continued allegiance to Digital Sojourner! A blog’s most important component is its readers! So, thank you for the significant role you have played in getting Digital Sojourner off to a good start. May I ask you to pray regularly for DigSoj? Also, your feedback is very important. Have a suggestion? Please let us know.

Happy New Year and happy sojourning!

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