A Successful Hunt

Well, I have to pay off the Hunt for the Perfect Bible by actually showing the result of the hunt with this last post of the series. After all, the point of hunting is, eventually (and hopefully), getting!

I checked my list. I was looking for a device that can function as a bible for reading, preaching, and intensive study. With solid software and tons of electronic books, I had to make sure that whatever I was running could store a lot.

Besides all that, I’m (1) a gamer and (2) a designer who does a fair amount of print and digital design. That meant that I needed something pretty powerful.

I also needed the thing to be very portable, light and to have some tablet like capability so I can preach with it. This is a problem since almost all tablets in the marketplace don’t offer an OS that can support my programs and definitely don’t have the cranking power to justify the expense.

Asus vs. Samsung

Cross-category machines, like the Asus EEE Slate and the Samsung Slate, wound up being added to my spreadsheet. Apple doesn’t have any slates that have a full Operating System unless you go with a hack (which costs way too much) so that wasn’t even a consideration. Plus, even if I stayed only within the realm of laptops, the Apple Machines just didn’t give me as much for my money. Only 2 USB Ports? Bah.

Anyway, the slates seemed to be a good buy but you still had to invest in a keyboard (which added to the price) and there wasn’t any real history with the things yet. They ran Windows 7 which has multi-touch functionality (to use the thing as a tablet) but nowhere near the slickness of Android OS or Apple’s iOS. I didn’t mind it since I would be using full software but I still will need a keyboard to do real work.

In the end, I wound up looking at either Fujitsu’s convertible notebooks or Lenovo’s. Lenovo’s screen has the quality of the iPad but without a lot of the glare issues, the reliability backing of Lenovo (formerly IBM), and the great track record of a solid machine. Fujitsu’s, though good, would break my budget. Add to that some Lenovo coupons and corporate discounts and I wound up with a powerful Lenovo Thinkapd X220t Digital Bible that can also run several operating systems in VMWare.

Is the thing perfect? Not quite. Windows 7 could be smarter with the touchscreen (and I’m hoping Windows 8 fixes that) and the active use battery life could be better, but other than those bits I’m pretty satisfied.

Drop us a line (and include pictures) if you wind up successfully hunting for your own Somewhat Perfect Digital Bible.

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