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Tim Tebow and John 3:16

The power of the media coupled with the viral nature of the Internet is undeniable. A photograph or video from an obscure corner of the world can receive almost instant, global attention as people endlessly tweet it and share it on Facebook.

Yesterday, when Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos threw a pass for the winning touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers social media networks went crazy with status updates about Tim Tebow. On Twitter alone there were 9,420 tweets per second. Yes, that’s right 9,420 tweets per second about Tebow!

Tim Tebow is an outspoken Christian who uses every opportunity he is given to speak of his Savior the Lord Jesus Christ… and the world has noticed. One can hardly turn on the TV or surf the net without seeing some reference to Tebow and his faith. Even right now, more than 24 hours after his game winning pass, “tebow” is the 10th hottest search term on Google and “john 3 16” (that Tebow so prominently displays across his face on black eye paint) is the most searched for term on Google.

Absolutely amazing!

When I Google the term “John 3 16” the very first link that comes up is John 3:16 on Biblegateway.com.

Let this be a call to prayer and action. Prayer for Tim Tebow, that God would grant him the strength to maintain a strong Christian testimony. Prayer for the millions who are searching for the meaning of John 3:16. And finally, a call to action for each one of us to stand firmly and boldly for the Lord Jesus Christ.

No, we might never achieve 9,420 tweets per second, but each of us has a completely unique mission field. Wherever we go let us also make the most of every opportunity to speak of the glories of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Top photo: lynnsladky/AP

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