His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 6

RoadIsrael has heard the message, but they have not obeyed it Romans 10:14-21

So if one is saved by calling on the Lord, that means they have to hear the message about Christ. How else could they call on Him to save them? So, maybe Israel has not believed because no one told them the gospel? Has Israel not heard God’s message?

They definitely have heard! God has spoken to them over and over again. But they have not obeyed the message! They refuse to obey God’s gospel.

So, the real problem is that Israel is a disobedient people! The Lord said this in Isaiah. God has reached out to Israel so much, but they have refused to listen! He says, “All the day long I have stretched out my hands unto a disobedient and contrary people.”

Is God done with Israel as a nation because they disobeyed? No! Romans 11:1-7

Because Israel has refused to obey God’s call, has God cast them away? He called them to be His people. Is He done with them? No! In fact He is saving Israelites today. Paul is an example of an Israelite that God in love brought to faith in Christ.

It is like God said to Elijah when he thought he was the only one obeying the Lord: “I have left to myself 7000 men.” Just like in that time when the nation was disobeying God, so today there is a part of the nation whom God has chosen out for Himself in grace.

Those being saved do not deserve any of it. They were rebels themselves. Think how Paul fought against Christ. So, it is God acting in grace towards this remnant – a group of people God has called out of the nation as a whole.

If it is grace, it is not by works. All the credit goes to God! That is how it is with everyone who is saved. God did it all. No one is saved by what they do. It is by grace, not by works.


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