His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 7

RoadScripture: Romans 11:1-36

Is Israel’s stumbling permanent? No, God will restore them. Romans 11:7-15

So what is the conclusion about Israel’s present state? The nation as a whole has tried to gain righteousness by works. But a few from the nation have gained righteousness by grace. The rest of the stubborn nation has been blinded so they can not see Christ.

Israel has stumbled over Christ like tripping on a rock. So is it God’s plan that they just fall over this stone, never to be restored? No!

They failed to listen to God’s message. But God has used this failure to send salvation to the nations of the world. God has sent His message out to the Gentiles and many are being saved. Israel’s tripping and falling has actually brought great blessing to the world!

But how much more of a blessing when Israel is brought to God as a nation! If Israel’s loss has brought riches to the nations, how much more will their fullness bring the world riches! What great blessing it will be when Israel is received back again by God!

God extended His blessing to the nations and will again to Israel Romans 11:16-24

Picture a tree of promised blessing. God through Abraham promised great blessing. Disobedient Israel is missing out on that blessing. But Gentiles have obeyed the gospel by believing in Christ. So they have come into God’s blessing, like a branch grafted (joined) into the tree.

Certainly God is able to graft back in Israel, since it was a branch that once was part of the tree. Israel has been cut away from the tree of blessing through their unbelief.

But God is not done with them. His promises to Abraham will be fulfilled!


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