His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 8

RoadIn mercy, Israel as a whole nation will be saved in a coming day! Romans 11:25-31

There is something you definitely need to understand. Israel as a nation is blinded right now. But this is not final. In a coming day the whole nation of Israel on earth will be saved. It will happen after God has completed His saving of people from the nations. Then God’s promised gifts to Israel will happen.

God can not lie. He has given promises regarding Israel that did not have any conditions for man to fulfill. These “unconditional” promises were “I will” promises that only depended on God.

So He will fulfill them! It is written in the Old Testament, “The deliverer shall come out of Zion; he shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob.” God is going to make good on His word, and will bring the nation of Israel to repent for their ungodliness. He has made a covenant with them that He will take away their sins. God is going to send Christ again and Israel will be restored to God and all the promised blessings!

All were unbelieving so it is all mercy! All glory goes to God! Romans 11:32-36

How awesome! It is all God’s mercy! In the Old Testament time, the Gentiles were unbelieving, but God is now showing mercy to them! Now Israel is unbelieving, but God will soon show mercy to them!

So everyone that is saved has nothing to claim. All are objects of mercy! All were unbelieving.

In the present time, God is saving people out of the nations though those nations have been so disobedient. In the future God will save the nation of Israel though Israel has been so disobedient! How rich is God’s mercy!

What a wonderful, wise God! His plans are so much greater than our ideas! He is working all of history to bring blessing, and all of this blessing comes only from His great mercy!

He does not owe anyone anything. Every blessing is all from Him. He is the Source, the Means, and the End of all that is good! So, He deserves all the glory! Praise the Lord!


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