Yes, The Internet Wants You: The Need For A Church Website

Rey again, posting from the wintery hinterlands of the upper northeast; a new area for me and only marginally affecting my posting schedule: ah, the beauty of the Internet.

But that reminds me of why I’m writing.

After the move, I’ve been looking for a new church in my area. With no friends or family in my new locale, I found myself completely unmoored with zero understanding of the stomping grounds. Sure, I have a little booklet of information and church addresses but those things are usually outdated the second they hit the printing press so I’ve found myself resorting to the web.

That comes with a whole mess of problems.  Lots of people (churches included) haven’t come to terms with the potential the Internet offers. That being the case, they often misuse it and wind up either becoming irrelevant (at best) or a punch line of a bad joke.  Apparently most of them haven’t managed to read Crawford’s post on an effective local church website!

So I wanted to write a short series on how to create a website for your church.

I’m a print and web designer by trade but I don’t want to get super-technical with these posts (nor very self-promotional). I just want to post some pointers and tips folks should keep in mind when they’re creating a presence online. Things to avoid; things to do; and ways to implement it at an affordable price. Hey, subscribe to the RSS feed for updates.


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