His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 9

RoadScripture: Romans 12:1-2

The gospel should affect our view of life on earth: God is over all! Romans chapter 9 – 11

By thinking about Israel, we have seen that God is sovereign. That means that He is over all. This gospel of grace shows that all is of God. It is of His mercy that Gentiles are saved today. It is of His mercy that Israel as a nation will be saved in the future.

We saw that Israel has disobeyed God’s message of righteousness by faith. That is why they have been cast away and blinded. But their fall is not final, because God has made promises that He will fulfill. The nation of Israel as a whole will be restored in the future. And all glory will go to God!

So in chapters 9 to 11 we see that God’s gospel should affect our view of life on earth: God has plans. Things that happen are not random. God is a living God who is at work. God is over history and the future.

A few major effects of God’s gospel should be that we:

  1. Recognize God is above all. Let God be God.
  2. Respond to God’s word. Obey His message!
  3. Realize God has plans for mankind. Know Israel has a future.
  4. Rejoice to be part of God’s plans! Live like a saint.

Israel has a future by God’s mercy, and we are who we are by God’s mercy! By God’s mercy we are part of the Lord’s eternal purposes!

We who believed the gospel have the privilege of now being saints – God’s holy people! This should change my view of who I am!


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