His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 10

Winter RoadThe gospel should affect our view of living: Devote yourself to God! Romans 12:1

If you are a saint of God by the mercy of God, then you should be all for God. God should control all of you. Let God use you how He wants. Listen to Paul urging us to give ourselves completely to God. “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.”

Oh dear brother in Christ, I beg you to respond to God’s heart of kindness and compassion! Put your body on the altar. Offer yourself to God. Yield your body to God to use. Give all of yourself!

It makes such good sense to give yourself over to God! Think of who you were when God loved you and gave Christ to die for you! How wonderful that God wanted you for Himself!

Do not hold back one finger from Him. Surely you can trust Him. You are bought with the price – His own Son’s blood! It would be wrong to still use your body to do what you want.

Everything about you should be for God. Allow God to use every part of you however He wants to. Say now and for the rest of your time on earth, “I surrender all.”

What a privilege to present myself to God for His use! How reasonable it is! I want to be a living sacrifice that pleases God!

If my body is devoted to God for His will, I need to know His will. Romans 12:2

Be available to God and know what He wants you to do. Devotion requires discernment. Do my actions please God?

Devotion requires me to be different from this world. We are not called to fit in. Do not let this world’s ideas form your thoughts. Allow God to change your thinking and then your actions. Ask God for His opinion on everything. Test all things. Be pure and holy.

Lord, if we want to please Your heart in all the things we do,
Our thinking must be from above, for this world hated You!
Our ways must change to be like Yours, as all things face the test:
Is this God’s will? Does it please Him? Is this what is the best?

So God’s gospel should change our view of life on earth and also our view of living. We will learn more about that. What a privilege to know and do God’s will!


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