His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 11

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Scripture: Romans 12:1-13

In desiring God’s will, realize you need other saints! Romans 12:3-8

As you seek to find out God’s will, realize that God has not given every spiritual ability to you. You were saved by God’s grace. You still need to depend on God’s grace.

Be careful not to think to highly of yourself. You are not the solution to every problem. God has chosen to given special, unique grace to each saint. So you need other brothers and sisters to help you.

Do you want to know God’s will? Then accept that you are part of the body of Christ. God has given different spiritual ability to each saint. To know God’s will and do it, you need the other saints, and they need you.

How different this is from this world! This world is full of selfish people who go through life as individuals. We believers should see ourselves connected with other believers. Each body member has a special role, and can contribute to the other saints.

So having different gifts from God, do what God has given you to do. God has given you grace to benefit the other saints. Use the spiritual ability! Maybe God made you able to teach. If so, then be teaching! Did God give you grace to show mercy to hurting people? If so, show mercy with all of your heart! Whatever He has given you to do in the body, be active in it.

How important God’s church is. Do you want to do God’s will? What God is doing today is saving people by the gospel and building up the saved in the church. The church (assembly) is God’s special plan for today. It is God’s called-out gathering of people.

God wants each Christian to be active in God’s assembly as each one actively depends on God. So value the assembly and other saints’ part in it! You need them.


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