His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 12

Winter Road Romans 12:9-13Serve the Lord diligently, with fervent love for the saints! Romans 12:9-13

Our devotion to God should really show! Devotion requires diligence. Do God’s will with great passion!

Serve the saints with deep love for them! Be genuine. Your love for others should be real, just like God’s love for us is real.

Have a deep desire to do what is right. If something is evil, do not have anything to do with it. If it is good, then wrap your arms around it!

See other Christians as brothers in Christ. You are part of God’s family now. So love them deeply and value them. Be the first one to tell others that you appreciate them.

Be diligent and fervent. Have a fire in your heart to serve the Lord! Do not be half-hearted. Be like the Lord Jesus who was sold out to do God’s will! He said, “Zeal for your house has eaten me up.” Doing God’s will consumed Him. He truly was a living sacrifice for God!

Because God deeply loves His people, we should also. If I have zeal to do God’s will, it will show in love for those He loves.

When we are done living for self, it gives so much freedom! If trouble comes, we can keep going on by trusting in the Lord. The Lord fills our heart up to overflowing, so now we can bless others!

So be patient in trouble. Keep your eyes on the Lord. He is able to work things out, so hope and pray. Believe that God hears you when you pray. Do not quit praying!

Be happy to give. Share your possessions with others. Open your home to people that are not in your family.

What a privilege to have the Lord Jesus’ life seen in me! If I am true, diligent, fervent, loving, selfless, giving, kind, rejoicing, humble, and patient, that is really just Christ living in me! Praise the Lord!


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