His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 13

Stockholm Road Romans 12:14


Scripture: Romans 12:14-13:14

Be peaceful and submissive to authority Romans 12:14-13:7

In the Lord you can be peaceful, honest, patient and submissive. You do not need to prove yourself to be something special. All your value comes from God’s love for you!

So do not try to be something great by having rich, popular or smart friends. Do not try to get back at someone that did wrong to you. Leave that up to the Lord.

Do not let someone else’s bad behavior make you act poorly in response. Instead overcome evil with good. Respond to unkindness with kindness. Do not let them rob you of having Christ seen in you.

Submit to those in authority, because God set up authorities. We should obey the government, rather than fight against it. Do not get aggravated and resist the government’s rules. Paul said this to saints under the Roman Empire, and that government was far from godly!

God made authority structures to punish evil acts. Government has authority from God, so it is God’s minister to judge evil today. So, do what is good and be willing to pay taxes. We should pay, pray for, and obey the government.

If an authority requires payment, pay it. Give them their due. Do not keep back payment that is owed.

This is true of all people. If anyone deserves payment from us, we should make it. The only payment that we will never be able to make in full is to love one another. Otherwise, we should not be behind in payments due.


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