His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 14

Road Romans 13:8-14

Walk in love like Christ, not lust Romans 13:8-14

Loving one another really is the point of the law. The law commands us not to steal, lust, kill or do other things that hurt our neighbor. Love aims to bless others, so love would not harm a neighbor. So by loving others, I am fulfilling God’s desire taught in the law.

We really should be people that walk in love, not in lust. We should not act like people of this world. They walk in darkness. In Christ we are people of the day.

Light shows us what things really are. Lust is ugly when you really see what it is. Walk different because you are different.

But perhaps you have your eyes closed! This is no time to sleep! If your eyes are closed, you will not see how ugly the world’s ways are.

It is time to wake up! Christ is coming back! Soon the day will come! We belong to the day. We are saved from this evil world. We should act differently.

Walk with light shining all around you on everything. This will make you see that disgusting actions are ugly. How ugly it is when people live to try to get what they want! Instead, walk in right ways as one who is of the day. Walk in love that gives to bless others.

Have open eyes to know how evil the works of darkness are! Partying, dulling one’s mind by alcohol or drugs, sharing the holy parts of one’s body without any limits, acting with uncontrolled passion, getting in loud arguments and fights. How disgusting! Do not have any part in these works of darkness!

Do not look for ways to feed lusts. Avoid places that will draw out evil desires. Do not read things that will attract the flesh. Do not make any provision for the flesh so that it can fulfill its lusts.

Instead, put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Say, “Lord Jesus, I want my words and ways to look just like you today. Live your beautiful life in me. I do not want to live for the evil desires of the flesh. I want to please God by acting like You!”

With longing all my heart is filled that like Him I may be;
As on the wondrous thought I dwell that Christ liveth in me!


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