His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 15

Road Romans 14:1-16Out of love, think of other saints in your actions Romans 14:1-16

This love for others must affect how you relate to other saints. You should welcome them in a loving way, like the Lord received us when we believed. If a Christian moves into your area, receive him even if he has some ideas about the Christian walk that you think are odd.

You should not welcome him with the goal of showing you know better than him. Perhaps he thinks Christians should not eat certain foods. Do not pick on him for this.

Or perhaps you think Christians should not eat certain foods. Do not think little of other Christians because they do eat them.

The Lord is our master. We need to be sure we do not take over His place as Lord. Each of us answers to the Lord.

In fact, we all will one day answer to God at His judgment seat after we die or the Lord Jesus comes back. We will have to review our lives before the God. So, we should not make little of a brother or judge a brother in things that are not clearly known as God’s will.

Instead, make sure what you do does not cause problems for a brother. I know that all things are clean. But if my brother thinks a certain food is unclean before God, I should not try to push him to eat it. If he feels in his conscience that it is unclean, it is unclean to him.

If I cause spiritual trouble for my brother by my actions, I am not walking in love. Here Christ died for him, and I am trying to ruin him because I want to push my point of view! How horrible!


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