His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 16

Road Romans 14:17 - 15:7Do not aim to please yourself, but aim to bless other saints Romans 14:17-15:7

Keep in mind that God is not so concerned about food and drink. Instead His interest is in right living and peaceful fellowship in Christ and joy in the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives. These things are much greater than silly arguments! Be careful not to let ideas grow to be bigger in your mind than they really are.

So aim for peace between you and other Christians. Aim to help them grow in the Lord Jesus. Make sure your actions do not stir up fighting and arguing. Avoid causing your brother to stumble. He is the work of God! Treat him that way!

Perhaps you feel it is ok to do certain things that other Christians would not do. You believe God sees it as fine to do it. Before you do it, be sure you consider others. Will it cause a brother to stumble? If so, be willing to give it up. Be considerate.

Do not aim to please yourself. Each of us should look for how he can please his neighbor. Instead of thinking about what you like, try to find ways that others can grow and be built up.

That is exactly what Christ did! Did He come into the world to get pleasure for Himself? No! He came here to give Himself so we could be blessed.

Follow Christ’s example! Put on the Lord Jesus Christ! Be like Christ. Let Christ be seen in you.

This character of Christ was prophesied ahead of time. God thought it was something to notice. May God encourage you through His Scriptures! How much we can learn from studying God’s Word.

May the Lord give you a spirit of love for all the saints, just like the Lord Jesus has. May this care for others be in all of you. What a beautiful thing to see if every saint thinks about how to bless and help the others. May God give you all to have this attitude!

Receive one another in the same manner that Christ received you. Welcome brothers as being ones for whom Christ died. Love them, not because they are lovable, but for the glory of God.

Have an attitude of grace just as Christ has had it towards you! May His loving ways towards us be seen in our loving ways towards others.


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