His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 18

Road Romans 15:8-33God’s gospel should affect our priorities in living: value the gospel! Romans 15:8-33

What a privilege to see God at work! It really is wonderful how Jesus Christ has been God’s servant to do God’s will. Through Christ God confirmed his promises given to Abraham about Israel. Through Christ God also showed mercy to the Gentiles – us! Through Christ God gets glory in all peoples.

Look! There are people of the nations praising the Lord together! What honor that brings to Christ! What a great work He has done! It is like God said through Isaiah about the Messiah, “In Him shall the nations hope.”

May the God of hope fill up your hearts and lives with every kind of joy and peace! You are God’s special people through God’s gospel! How great to have meaning to our living, and joy in being part of God’s plans! By faith, see these things as reality.

If we are believing in God, we will find great confidence for the present and the future by the power of God’s Holy Spirit in us. His Spirit lifts our hearts up to God by faith.

Be an abounding Christian! You can then be a blessing to other saints. God often uses brothers in Christ to encourage one another. Enjoy the Lord, so you can bless others with your words.

All of us can be used of God. Paul was especially used by God to work in people’s lives. He was a living sacrifice. He sacrificed his whole life to carry the gospel to the nations.

The gospel was a bright reality in Paul’s thinking. He saw that God was saving people by the gospel. Paul was thrilled to be part of God’s eternal work of calling people to Himself! So he wanted to announce God’s good news all over the world. Preaching God’s gospel was a priority!

He saw other Christians as partners in this work of preaching the gospel. They were fellow-workers. They were brothers in Christ.

We should want to proclaim the gospel. We should be happy to help saints who are working hard to spread the gospel. We should also be happy to give to needy saints. They are our brothers in Christ. They are God’s special people! We should also be happy to pray for brothers laboring in the gospel.

May we have the joy of being part of God’s work! What a joy to see God’s will being fulfilled!


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