His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 19

Road Romans 16Value the saints and the assemblies Romans 16:1-16, 16:21-24

Paul is a great example of the attitude we should have. He loved the gospel. He gave up his life to spread it around the world. He also loved the saints and the local gatherings of Christians. He gave his life for God’s saints and God’s assemblies.

Value what God values. What is God doing today? Through His gospel people are being saved from all nations. What is God doing with these saved people? They are gathered together around Christ in local churches, and have the privilege to be part of the work He is doing. Value the gospel and the assemblies.

So Paul valued what God valued. He knew and loved Christians. He greets them by name and speaks kind words to them. He saw himself as a partner with saints in the Lord’s work.

And look at the example of these saints! Phoebe serves a local assembly, helping many including Paul. Prisca and Aquila risk their neck for Paul and the assemblies, and have a group of Christians gathering in their home in Rome. Maria works hard to bless other believers. Urbanus is a fellow-worker in Christ. Gaius has Paul staying in his home and welcomes the whole local church to meet there. Each is seen serving an active part in the work the Lord is doing.

How beautiful to see Christ in these believers! See them laboring in the Lord. Why would they do that? Out of love for the Lord who loved them, they are living sacrifices for God to use. They are letting the Lord live His life in their bodies.

Remember Paul had exhorted us to have deep love for saints and to fervently serve the Lord. Look at his heart of love to these “beloved” saints! Look at the saints who “labored much in the Lord.” Let’s follow their example!


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