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Which Church? A Problem

People who are newly saved are often faced with a great difficulty. Which group of believers in the area should they join? There are many sects and denominations around, so the task of deciding is not easy. To attend the nearest ‘place of worship’ is no answer. It could have a modernist preacher who would wreck your faith. To look around for nice people with an exciting form of worship could lead to something remote from the teaching of scripture. To search for a good preacher is no safe course of action. His term of ministry may be relatively brief, and then what?

Are there any guidelines for the perplexed believer who is seeking a spiritual home? There are, and they are contained in the unerring Word of God. As in every other area of our Christian lives, the Bible is our only safe source of guidance.

The purpose of this series is to list at least some of the features of churches as they were in New Testament times. This is done with the conviction that every effort should be made to imitate the biblical pattern, for God’s principles never change with the passing of the years. Read this series prayerfully. Check its contents with the inspired scriptures. If what it says tallies, seek out a company of believers who endeavour to follow the New Testament pattern and associate with them in their witness for God.


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