Titus – A New Series of Posts

Video Camera Titus Series Introduction

No, it’s not “déjà vu all over again” this IS another new new series of posts on Digital Sojourner! That makes two new series of posts launching this week! (Just in case you missed it here is a link to the other new series)

In this series of posts brother Stephen Baker of Liverpool, England will be “vlogging” (video blogging) through the book of Titus. I asked him to write a brief introduction of himself and this is what he wrote:

Stephen was born into a Christian family and came to trust the Lord for salvation at the age of five. After spending twenty nine years in business Stephen was commended, while living in Manchester, England to the grace of God in 2006 to preach the gospel and teach the scriptures. He now lives in Liverpool, England with his wife Carole and two grown up children where he mainly works spreading the message of the gospel.

Our intention is to post a new installment every Thursday, so be sure to visit regularly or subscribe to Digital Sojourner’s RSS Feed.


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