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T Ernest Wilson

T Ernest Wilson

Brother T. Ernest Wilson was a humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ who was greatly used of God throughout the 20th century. As a young boy growing up in a Christian home in Belfast during the early 1900s he often heard the stories of the great pioneering missionaries such as David Lingstone and Mary Slessor. The Lord used these stories to place a burden in Ernest’s heart for the spiritual needs of the African Continent.

Brother Wilson first left for the mission field at the age of 21. He went on to serve the Lord in the nation of Angola for 40 years. After leaving Africa in 1961 he spent the next 35 years preaching God’s Word throughout the world.

Personally, I have many fond memories of brother Wilson. When I was growing up in the 1970s & 1980s brother Wilson would regularly preach at my assembly. I clearly remember his humble and soft spoken voice. It made a considerable impression on my young mind. It was so evident that he knew and loved God’s Word. His preaching was powerful and had a profound impact me… but the power didn’t come from a loud voice or eloquent oratory techniques, the power came from God’s Word. In the mid 1990s circumstances were such that I happened to be in fellowship at the same assembly as brother Wilson. Though he was elderly and frail his attendance at the meetings was regular and consistent. Brother Wilson was called home to be with his Lord in 1996.

T Ernest Wilson Letter to Fred Arnot 1923Thankfully a good portion of brother Wilson’s ministry has been preserved and is freely available on the Internet. The website has been established by the Wilson family to “preserve, protect, and perpetuate the work of T. Ernest Wilson”

On the website you will find a treasure trove of material including: a listing of the books brother Wilson authored (most are available for purchase at Gospel Folio Press), a collection of his published articles, and a collection of his recorded ministry in mp3 format.

In my opinion the most interesting feature of the website is an online archive of many of brother Wilson’s letters from the mission filed. Two handwritten letters (available as scanned graphic files) provide a unique insight to his passion for, and dedication to the Lord’s work.

The T. Ernest Wilson Ministry website is a reliable resource for both the student of God’s Word and for anyone who has an interest in the history of African missions.

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