3 Modern Ideas for Sharing the Gospel

Modern Ideas for Sharing the Gospel


This past Saturday was our annual neighborhood yard sale. When the weather is favorable (as it was this year) the event can attract several hundred people. This is, of course, a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel message with a world that so desperately needs the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s also a great opportunity to involve the entire family in the effort: my wife organized and set up several tables with the usual garage sale items, my children set up an ice cream stand, and I set up the Gospel table.

In the above picture of the Gospel table I numbered three specific ideas that you could incorporate into a similar effort:


1. QR Codes


Gospel QR CodesQR Codes or “Quick Response Codes” are those square, typically black and white pattern of smaller squares that are seemingly popping everywhere. While they can be used for several different purposes the most typical is to embed the the address of a webpage that can be quickly scanned by a mobile device such as a smartphone or iPad. Once scanned, the internet connected device will pull display the webpage. In this case, the QR Code contained the web address of Digital Sojourner.

If you look closely at the table you will notice a large QR Code on the table that could be scanned on the spot, and business cards that could be saved for later use.

There are many free tools available online to generate QR Codes each with the ability to incorporate special features. However, I used the Kaywa QR-Code Generator— which is simple and straight forward.


2. mp3 Audio CDs


Hope in the Storms of Life Gospel mp3 CDA CD containing a Gospel message in audio format is a powerful way to spread the Gospel message. Quality CDs with attractive packaging have become surprisingly affordable. Since they are lightweight and small in size they can be easily distributed in quantity.

One could listen to the CD while commuting to work or school. The audio recording can also be easily transferred form the CD to a portable mp3 player (such as an iPod) for even greater flexibility.

The Gospel CDs are available on the Good News Now website where you can also listen to the audio online.


3. Traditional Gospel Tracts


It’s also important to note that we shouldn’t ignore more traditional ways of sharing God’s Good News. Printed Gospel tracts have been used for sharing the Gospel for hundreds of years. We shouldn’t over look their usefulness just because the method isn’t new.

Gospel tracts have many advantages. They are inexpensive, easily distributed, and doesn’t require someone to have expensive or special technology to read it. While there are many excellent sources of Gospel tracts the ones that you see displayed on the table were supplied by Spread The Word and are available here.

Your turn… how do you spread the Gospel message? Let us know in the comments.



  1. I understand Spread the Word will be incorporating more QR codes. The same content in digital format.

    • Thanks Drew for the comment. I think that’s a great idea, I’m glad to hear that Spread The Word is working on integrating QR codes into their Gospel literature. Another reason I like the use of QR codes is that it gives a fresh or modern look. Not that the Lord can’t use old tracts printed in the ’70s, but they simply have a look to them that screams “out of date”