QR Codes And The Gospel

Gospel Tract QR CodeI have blogged about the use of QR Codes before — what they are and how they can be used to further the message of the Gospel. Since my last post on the subject I have heard of a couple of creative ways the codes are being employed in sharing the Gospel message…

But first, the basics….


The Basics of QR Codes


What is a QR Code? A Quick Response (QR) Code is a pattern of little squares that make a larger square (pictured top left). The pattern or matrix of little squares conform to a specific, computer readable standard. QR Codes typically embed the address of a specific page on the Internet however other information, such as a phone number or even plain text, can also be embedded. The QR Code below contains the Bible verse John 3:16.

How can I read a QR Code?The simplest way to read a QR Code is with a camera equipped mobile device and a QR Reader app. Almost any iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) or Android (smartphone or tablet) will do. While several excellent apps are available I use Scan on my iPad and Android smartphone.

How can I make a QR Code? Several free tools are available online to create your own QR Codes. I use the Kaywa QR Code website. The site is very simple to use: you select type of QR Code you wish to generate (URL web address, text, phone number, or SMS) and then type (or copy and paste) the text for the code into the box. Click ‘generate’ and your code will be displayed.

Other free online tools include Qurify! and Delivr. The Scan app can also be used to generate codes.


Gospel Applications of QR Codes


John 3:16 QR CodeThe application of QR Codes for Gospel work is limited only by one’s imagination and creativity.

I have heard of a brother in Florida who printed business cards that contain only two items, a QR Code and a question mark. He hands the cards out to everyone he meets. Because people are curious by nature a large percentage of the cards are later scanned. Through this simple method many people have visited his Gospel website. In fact he knows EXACTLY how many have visited, and therefore how effective his method has been in generating visit to his website.

A brother in my local assembly recently added a gospel page to his website and is presently experimenting with incorporating QR Codes into Gospel tracts and other literature. The QR Code at the top of this post will take you to the gospel page on his website.

Here are a few more suggestions: codes can be printed on greeting cards, church bulletins, flyers, or even incorporated into your letterhead. If you do not want to take the time to design your own website or page, you can create a QR Code to point to someone else’s gospel website. goodnewsnow.info and goodnews4u.net are two excellent choices.

How are you using QR Codes to further the good new of the Gospel? Let us know in the comments.



  1. I personally don’t use them at all. For a little while I tried using them when advertising my work, but the audience was just way too limited and almost never that motivated: 1) the person had to have a smartphone, 2) they had to be mobile but not online and 3) it took to much work for the end user.

    So I just don’t bother with them, though I have a funny design I’ve been working on to get that point across while still advertising.

  2. Larry Price

    Thanks. Had some ideas about using these but was unclear on how to make them. Good info. Thanks