A Church Website? Why?

Precious SEED MagazineOne of my favorite publications is Precious SEED International magazine. This helpful periodical is published in the United Kingdom by a group of brethren who “desire to encourage the study of the Scriptures, the practice of New Testament Church principles and to stimulate interest in Gospel work.” More about the magazine and its history is available here.

The most recent issue (May 2012 vol. 67 no. 2) of the magazine has an article that is of particular interest: Creating An Assembly Website: Why? There have been several posts on Digital Sojourner before that have addressed the same question… those posts proved to be very popular.

Precious SEED’s article provides some additional thoughts on the subject. The article is the first in a series of Three with the two future articles dealing with setting up and then maintaining the assembly’s website.

Check out the article and then let us know what you think in the comments below. Oh, and while you are visiting Precious SEED Magazine’s website take some time to explore the site and the treasurer trove of material that is available. The site is truly a gold mine of reliable teaching!



  1. That is a great article! I particularly like this line: “If our website is going to be our public face to the world, we must first ensure that we are fit to face the world.”

    • Yes, that is a VERY challenging statement. It isn’t very easy for a church to evaluate itself so critically, but I agree that it is a worthy exercise to do before stepping into the public arena.