Practical Tips For Evangelism

Lego Mini FigureOn Wednesday night at my assembly’s mid-week Bible study and prayer meeting brother Chuck Henderson moderated a fascinating discussion regarding evangelism.  The context of the discussion had in mind personal, or one-to-one evangelism in the “real” world (you know the physical, offline world).  Because the information is intensely practical, and should be of great help to any believer who would like to effectively share their faith, I have reproduced my notes in bullet point format below.

Warning: the following has only been slightly edited so there is a good chance that you will have a question or need some clarification.  If so just leave a comment, and I’ll see if I can help interpret my notes.


What is the goal? For people to come to a saving knowledge of Christ.
— focus on the goal
— keep on track – don’t be drawn away from the issue at hand
— the goal is not to win a debate

Know who it is you are sharing the Gospel with… and act accordingly.
— where does this person stand spiritually?
— are they an atheist?
— are they from a religious background?
— what do they already know?
— what are they confused about?

Skeptics… There are 3 types, know which type you are interacting with as each type should be dealt with differently.
— intellectual
— emotional
— volitional

How much contact do I or will I have with this person?
— will I ever see them again?
— how frequently?

What do you know about their beliefs or the doctrines they hold?
— don’t assume you know what they do or do not believe
— don’t assume they define words and terms the same way you do

Be respectful, be aware of others listening… Don’t embarrass the person.
— don’t be arrogant
— avoid jargon, use words that people can understand

Do your homework, know what you believe & why.
— be aware of your limits

Memorize scripture
— example: Romans 8:9 refutes the error of the second blessing

Other practical tips:
— avoid inappropriate relationships
— be aware of your surroundings
— be aware of any safety issues



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  1. Crawford Paul

    Scott, was it recorded? I’d love to hear it.

    • Yes… but the recording might be hard to follow. The moderator was recorded, but others contributing to the conversation were probably not picked up by the mic. I will get a copy and see how understandable it is and let you know.