Jottings – Insanity Is A Discriminating Epidemic


On Acts 26:24 : “At this point in the proceedings Festus announced in a voice that boomed all round the court: “You are mad, Paul; your massive learning is driving you insane” (Acts 26:24). Strange that! You could enjoy the gladiator shows in Rome, like the rich and noble did, as well as the masses, and watch with amusement while men hacked each other to death—and not be charged with lunacy. You could in more recent times be so fanatical in pursuit of communist theory as deliberately to eliminate millions of human beings—and still not be called mad. But start a vigorous campaign to clean up the morals of the Roman Empire, to call on people to repent and seek the living God, to preach a message of forgiveness, peace, and hope—and it will seem to Festus, and a good many more, insanity. Insanity is obviously a very discriminating epidemic.”

David W Gooding, True To The Faith. Port Colborne, ON: Gospel Folio Press, 1995, p. 365.

True To The Faith is available here in print and here in PDF.


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