Voices For Christ Website Updated

Voices For ChristIf you have been following this blog you will know that one of my favorite websites is Voices For Christ.

If you are not familiar with the VFC site, you can think of it as an online repository of sermons. The present collection consists of 55,316 full length messages in mp3 format. All of the messages are available free of charge. Messages can be listened to immediately with one click via ‘streaming’ or downloaded to your computer or other mp3 compatible device to be saved and used at a later time. While the collection of sermons is the main feature of the site, other excellent resources are available including written ministry, and hymns.

If you are familiar with Voices For Christ you will immediately notice many of changes to the site. The site’s layout been greatly improved with a ‘clean’, minimalist feel. The site is also much easier to navigate. The homepage features a tag cloud to help users quickly located messages by subject matter and a search bar for more specific queries. I am great impressed with the functionality and speed of the search bar, as you type in words results automatically begin to appear in a drop down box. If you press enter a listing of matching sermons quickly appears. When I entered “missionary acts” I was quickly given a listing of 24 messages, mostly dealing with Paul’s missionary journeys.

Hopefully I will post a full review of the redesigned VFC website soon… in the mean time head over to VFC and checkout the new site for yourself.

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