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Facebook and the Family

There’s no denying that Facebook is huge.  It has been a part of millions of people’s lives each and every day.  Because of its popularity many Christian parents are faced with tough choices. Do I allow my teenager access to Facebook?  What boundaries should I set? How can I effectively communicate the concerns I have about Facebook without being too controlling?

The group at Why We Web have been asked these questions and are offering a free 1 hour webinar to discuss some answers. The webinar is offered twice on Monday July 16 at 8pm EDT and Wednesday July 18 at 2pm EDT.  Space is limited so register early to ensure your spot by clicking one of the buttons below.

The main questions being discussed are:

  • Why do people use facebook?
  • What is appropriate content for families?
  • What settings do I need to set to make sure my family is safe?
  • How do I communicate with my family about Facebook?





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