Audio: Kadesh Barnea

Likewise, when the Lord sent you from Kadesh Barnea, saying, ‘Go up and possess the land which I have given you,’ then you rebelled against the commandment of the Lord your God, and you did not believe Him nor obey His voice. Deuteronomy 9:23 NKJV

There were giants in the land and the children of Israel, cowering in fear, turned back from the blessings of the Promise Land. They believed the ten spy’s majority report, scoffed at the 2 spy’s minority report, and rebelled against the commandment of the Lord not believing or obeying His voice.

What about us? Will we believe God’s Word and move forward into His blessings? Or will we not believe God nor obey His voice?

Recorded: Sunday January 6, 2008 at the North York Gospel Chapel, York, PA


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  1. He IS awesomeness!!!!That He IS!! He has spoekn to me personally through this whole chapter, guiding me with its wisdom, step by step. Makes me wanna cry ’cause He cares about me that much. Is that the most outrageous thought ever HE cares obout ME about HOW I FEEL, and WHEN I HURT WOW AWESOMENESS!!! How could I NOT adore HIM?!?This is what I got this goes:FACTS:V.28-39) That day Joshua took Makkedah, Libnah, Lachish, Gezer’s King and army, Elgon, Hebron, and Debir. He totally destroyed, just as God commanded. God handed these lands and peoples to Joshua and Israel.V.40) Joshua subdued the whole region. He left no survivors, just as the LORD commanded.V.41) Joshua subdued from Kadesh to Gibeon.V.42) All these kings/lands Joshua conquered in one campaign because the LORD, the God of Israel, fought for them.V.43) Then Joshua and Israel returned to camp at Gilgal.LESSONS:V.28-39) God laid out the instructions and plan of attack, Joshua followed completely. Victory was acomplished when he followed exactly what God said all the way down to his emotions (do not be afraid or discouraged)V.40) When God sets out to rid us of something in our lives (a bad habit, a stronghold of Satan- a sin) He wants NO SURVIVORS on the enemy’s side to be left. He wants the enemy subdued! To be set apart we must let the LORD conquer the sin that is warring against us. WIPE IT OUT! We must go to the step God tells us to go to in order to rid our hearts of the sin that seperates us from Him. Our minds are the battlefield and it is time to conquer. Satan is the enemy.V.41) LOTS OF WORK!!! one battle after another Are we willing to do battle by choosing to do things HIS way? LET US DO BATTLE TOGETHER! US AND GOD!! Victory is OURS!V.42) If we are careful to do things God’s way, He will bring victory. We must not miss the victory just because it does not come in the avenue we want. It might not be a battle we want to do, but it just might be His path. He fights FOR us.V.43) When we finish a job the LORD sets out for us to do, He will give a deep sense of peace and Joshua and Israel were in this place of rest.APPLICATIONS:-Do I follow clear, daily instructions? (don’t be disrespectful..speak to that person about Me put down the other stuff’ and seek ME..etc.)-Am I going to battle right here in the recesses of the heart and mind, making sure the enemy is slaughtered? NO SURVIVORS!!-Do I treat these sins as the enemy of my soul and war against them?-Do I see He fights FOR me?-Do I look past my present suffering (battle) to see my Gigal peace and rest victory!!LIVE IT OUT:Daily, God gives me instructions: Be an encourager , or respond this way , or pray for them NOW . I must follow thru with His plan in order to have victory and defeat the enemy, Satan. All too often, when things get hard I sit down, arms folded, lip out and have me a 45 year old hissy-fit. I can’t stay battles won there got to get up and fight the enemy exactly the way the LORD says to. I got to fight until there are NO SURVIVORS-ALL SUBDUED. Satan is the enemy.When I read in verse 42 God fought for Israel, I teared up. That verse kind-of jumped off the page at me. That truth was my meat for the day. HE fights for ME me.How many times in chapter 10 did the Word say that God fought for Joshua and Israel and the last time I read it, I got it. HE FIGHTS FOR US! He is FOR us. I gotta see that truth and live in it!! I gotta look past the battle and choose to see my Gilgal. It IS coming. Christ, for the joy set before Him, endured the cross. -Hebrews 12:2-. I have to do the same. He is my most excellent example.Well girls, we have walked through battle after battle together. We’ve seen our LORD give our friend Joshua sweet victory, all because of obedience. When we read this we can be assured this same victory is ours or why else would He have put it in the Word?I feel privileged to break open His Word together with you and call you all my sisters.In Christ, Robin