An Assembly Website – How?

August 2012 Precious SEED Magazine CoverAs mentioned in a prior post one of my favorite publications is Precious SEED International magazine.

The most recent issue (August 2012 vol. 67 no. 3) arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Among the many excellent articles is one with much practical help regarding how an assembly can establish a effective website.

The advice is solid and concise — containing much wisdom in planning and then building an assembly website. The article also warns of several common pitfalls to avoid, such as: “Whilst getting ideas together during the planning phase will come relatively easily, the practical implications of delivering can prove to be problematic.”

If you have an interest in seeing your assembly establish an effective website (or you would like to see your assembly’s present website improved), I highly recommend reading the entire article, Creating An Assembly Website – How?

If you are interested in more information regarding Precious SEED Magazine and its history look here.

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