NT Tuesday: God’s Glory and Headship

Because of the angels

Because of the angels

The ideas of headship, head coverings, and the glory of God are all New Testament principles and they are all inter-twined in some way. This is most evident in 1 Cor. 11. Many people go to great lengths to try and marginalize the truths contained in this passage or to misapply them. But, if one approaches this chapter with an objective eye, mind and heart, the truths are pretty self-evident.

It really is as easy as 1-2-3. One glory should be evident, two coverings are needed, and three heads are mentioned. Along with the three heads mentioned, there are three glories associated with each head.


I find that it is helpful to begin with an area where we can all agree. We can all agree that what we want most is for God’s glory to be on display when we gather as brothers and sisters for spiritually minded purposes. (Right, we can all agree on that point, right????) In essence, what we are saying is that we want ONE (1) glory to be on display and that one glory should be God’s glory. So, since we agree on that, how do we get there?

There are three heads mentioned in 1 Cor. 11 and three glories mentioned. Let’s look at the heads first. In vs. 3, we read that God is the Head of Christ (No. 1), Christ is the Head of man (No. 2) and man is the head of woman (no. 3). Three heads. (We’ll discuss the meaning of headship in another passage). Now, let’s look at the three glories – and they are closely related to the three heads. In vs. 7, we read that man is the glory of God (no. 1) and that woman is the glory of man (no. 2). In verses 14 and 15, we read that the woman’s long hair is a glory to her (no. 3). So here we have three glories and three heads.

Since we have three glories, but God desires that only one glory be visible, on display, when we gather for spiritually minded purposes, than it begs the point that two of the glories must be covered or eliminated. Clearly, we can’t eliminate them, so it makes sense to cover them.

Let’s start with the man’s glory. This needs to be covered. The woman is the glory of man. How is the glory of man covered? Well, God has provided for that naturally by giving to woman long hair. In vs. 16, it says that her hair is given to her for a (A covering, not the, but A) covering. A woman’s long hair is the covering for man’s glory, which is the woman.

It says in vs. 6, that a woman must be covered. Does her hair cover her glory? No! The woman’s glory is her hair. So, while God has given her long hair as a covering, it is a covering for man’s glory, which is the woman. The woman’s glory still must be covered and that is why a woman must PUT ON a covering on her head – to conceal her glory!

The hair of a woman covers the glory of man and the head covering conceals the glory of a woman leaving only God’s glory to be seen.

I know some would argue differently, but if there are three glories, there must be two coverings, so that only one is seen! Praise God for the sisters who follows this simple teaching (easy as 1-2-3) and who facilitate the glory of God being evident when we gather for spiritually minded purposes.

Until next week, fulfill your ministry.

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  1. That was a very clear and concise explanation of headship as taught in 1 Cor. 11. Thank you.