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A Christian Response To Tragedy

As virtually the entire world knows by now, Newtown, CT, a previously quiet little town in western Connecticut experienced an unimaginable tragedy this past Friday morning. What is the ‘proper’ Christian response to the sudden and unprovoked slaughter of 26 people ~ most of whom were only 6 or 7 years old?

I’m not so sure there is a simple answer to this question ~ or even just one ‘correct’ answer. However, I have been moved by the gracious and loving response of the New Testament patterned gathering of believers in Newtown, CT. Through their website the assembly offers to the community their love and concern.

Below is a screenshot of their open letter to the residents of Newtown. As you think about this recent tragedy please remember to include the Newtown Christian Fellowship in your prayers as they navigate through this difficult time and shine the light of hope that only the Lord Jesus Christ can give.


Newtown Christian Fellowship Letter to Newtown offering sympathy and support after the tragedy


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